Instead of sifting through dozens of pins,
you have the option to organize them into sets.

This is a true multi-functional tool that allows you to sort and group places on
the map according to your PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL demands.

Are you in Retail? Mark and group on the map all the stores by different categories.

You may also add other users' pins to your own sets.
Imagine creating your travel plan, based on other users' EXPERIENCES!

Group hotels and hostels, restaurants and cafes, gyms and other places of interest.
Do you work in real estates? Place, sort and group your properties.

With this tool

You may add a pin to a designated set the moment you create it – or later on.
There are several ways to do this.

When you create or edit any pin, you may mark the "Add to Set" box
While you are viewing information about a pin, find "Add to set" in the tool bar.
When you work with a list of pins,
check the designated boxes to the
left of the list, then find and press
“Add to Set” in the tool bar…
…or press the + symbol on
the icon tool bar which
appears as you move the
mouse cursor over the pin.

The pop-window appears when you click "Add to Set."

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