Every pinned location may be given a name or title of your choice — which can be changed at any time. The service welcomes you to bring personal meaning into pins’ names.

so, we have created a special option for you. Now you can get a customized URL. This means that you can get a memorable link by including the pin name in the URL. Whenever you create or edit your Pin, you may check the box “Include this title in the URL” in the upper right corner of the window.

What do I need a customized URL for?
This feature is especially useful for businesses as each customized link can be promoted across the Internet and offline. Links may also become an alternate address in addition to the postal location.

Can I use my native language to give names to URLs?
URLs may contain Unicode characters, allowing you to include names in a language other than English.

Is it possible to find a pin by name?
Yes, all pin names can be found via our search box.
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