What is a Pin?

Pin is the location on the map that you have marked and described.

Is it easy to create a pin?

The process of creating a pin is very simple. Just hit “Create a pin” in the main menu, search and
point to your desired location, then press the “Pinpoint this location” button or double-click
thе pin icon on the map. The service will then offer different options to help you give a detailed
description of that pin.

Step 1:

Search and point to your
desired location,
then press

Step 2:

In the pop-up window
fill the fields, tag your pin
and add your pin to sets,
then press


You’ve created the pin and
now it has its own page
you can share: http://pin.pn/11dq

Create pins  >  Explore  >  Name pins  >  Describe pins  >  Notes  >  Organize pins  >  Favorites  >  Sharing  >  Embedding  >  Statistics