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Introducing Pinpoint! The Easiest Way to Point, Store, & Share Your Personal Locations.

Earth — June, 2011 — Pinpoint, LLC announces the launch of Pinpoint, an innovative web application that allows people to point, store, and share their personal locations with the world.

Pinpoint will save businesses and people time by enabling them to create pins on a map. Users can give each pin its own customized URL, which makes referring back to a particular place easier than ever!

Businesses can also use their office pin as an alternative to their postal address.

"I invented Pinpoint when I found myself searching the same place over and over again on Google Maps and sending the same link to friends," says Max Tolstokorov, Pinpoint CEO.

"People can use [Pinpoint] to store and share pins with friends. Businesses can use it in everyday work flow or as a marketing tool when they need to manipulate dozens of points on a map and to share them with colleagues or clients. It will be a dynamic asset to real estate agencies, banks, hotels, even locations for Hollywood film crews."

Pinpoint also allows users to use tags to classify pins, or multiple locations, then group them into sets for easy organization. These sets can be shared on Facebook and Twitter, or embedded into a personal or business Website.

Additionally, Pinpoint tracks how many people visit a pin. It also counts favorites - so users will know which pins are the most popular.

Pinpoint is a simple, user-friendly, and perhaps the most effective way to track and share locations with people around the globe.

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